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Victor Belfor, Ben Smith: Why Startups Innovate Better Than Big Companies | peHUB

With all their resources and talent, why do big companies have trouble innovating? How can a Blekko exist when there is a Google? Or a Tapulous when there is an Electronic Arts? Even more puzzling, why couldn’t Yahoo create Facebook … Continue reading

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How to Blow Up an Ecosystem (and Prosper Within One)

How to Blow Up an Ecosystem (and Prosper Within One) Are you a part of an ecosystem or do you plan to destroy one? You must decide before plotting a path to success During the four years we spent building … Continue reading

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Mesmo Deal Update

An update on a great deal Mesmo is a deal I mentioned before.  I did it around the same time I did Tapulous.  Davin was a guy doing a bit of advisory work for MerchantCircle when he founded it.  I … Continue reading

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