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The Formula to a Successful App

Consumers prefer apps that do one, maybe two things, very well. Clunky apps that try to be your virtual Swiss Army Knife typically fail to do anything exceptional, with each additional feature being another impossible frustration. An app should have … Continue reading

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How to Optimize User Experience Across Multiple Devices

I co-authored an article, “How to Optimize User Experience Across Multiple Devices” with Steve Trefethen, CTO of Wanderful Media. Having both worked in technology for many years; we understand the importance of focusing on user experience. Today, people are using … Continue reading

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Mobile Technology: A Must For Business

I recently co-authored an Independent Retailer article with Seema Sud, Director of Product Management for Mobile and Tablet at Wanderful Media. We were asked to share our thoughts on Mobile Technology for the magazine’s readers. As the rate of mobile … Continue reading

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Smartphones & Tablets, Reshaping The Overall Shopping Experience!

The explosion of mobile devices that connect anywhere has blurred the line between online and in-store shopping. Shopping behaviors continue to change, as new options are regularly being introduced to consumers. It’s because of these behaviors that Wanderful Media is … Continue reading

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