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8 Steps to Bring Less Stress When Acquiring a Small Business

I recently wrote a piece for Entrepreneur.com, “How to Acquire a Small Business (and Keep Employees Happy)” to offer some framework for the purchase of a small business — a move that requires a different strategy. Small companies are difficult … Continue reading

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Ben Smith, Steve Goetz: You Are Welcome To Our Facebook Passwords If You Turn Over Your FICO Score -peHUB

Dear Employer. If you think our Facebook passwords are necessary to review our job applications, you are welcome to them. In exchange, we would like to see your FICO score and the recent credit applications of key executives. Is this … Continue reading

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Maximilian Schroeck, Ben Smith: Unlocking Value From A Portfolio’s Walking Dead | | peHUBpeHUB

We have all seen it. A startup has initial success with an innovative business concept, an early product, a first or second round of capital and a spurt of revenue growth. Then suddenly, its momentum stalls. More than 50% of … Continue reading

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peHUB » Will Startup Jumpers Hit It Big? Silicon Valley’s Latest Debate Is Portfolio vs Persistence

When gambling on high-risk startups, the more bets you place the better, right? Maybe not. There is an unspoken discussion going on in Silicon Valley now about the value of “Portfolio” versus “Persistence,” especially among people who have never started … Continue reading

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Behind the Cloud, The Salesforce Story

Behind the Cloud, The Salesforce Story I received the new book by Marc Benioff in the mail on Friday. I had preordered it after seeing Marc post pieces of it on facebook.  Once again Marc establishes himself as a great … Continue reading

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Facebook and the Accidental Billionares

Okay so avoiding my ongoing reading of the 10 Books about the Great Depression is getting out of hand, now I am reading more books to avoid it than the ten I am supposed to read. I just finished The … Continue reading

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Revenue is a Drug

Revenue is a drug.. I have heard a number of times how venture capital is a drug, it is addictive to some entreprenuers, and of course never confuse raising venture money with success. Today I heard another good one.  Revenue … Continue reading

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Missed Deals

Missed Deals.. So every once in a while you have to eat crow.  The summer before last at a dinner at Zibibbo around the corner from Zao Noodle Bar  hosted by Oliver Muoto I had my first real interaction with Sean … Continue reading

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