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Wanderful Media raises $5 million in new funding round

It’s been an incredible year for the retail and e-commerce industries, especially when it comes to discovery shopping. For Wanderful Media, 2012 will be defined as a year of building, and the theme for this year will be delivering. We’ve … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Hidden Weak Spot: Lack Of Local Leverage | Forbes

This is a great piece I wrote with Dave Thomsen, EVP of Product at Wanderful Media. The Wanderful team is focused on connecting local retailers with consumers, and we see a huge opportunity for retailers to capitalize on areas that Amazon … Continue reading

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Ben Smith, Bob Clark: Newspapers Ditching Traditional Advertising Models

Historically, newspapers have relied on print advertising and paid circulation as main sources of revenue. Since the birth of the internet in the 90’s, the industry has been faced with a challenging future. The internet quickly deflated the value of … Continue reading

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Billions in Local Ad Dollars Surge to Online — But Just a Trickle to News | Street Fight

Tom Grubisich wrote a great piece on the failure of local news sites to capture the boom in revenue happening in local online.    He made a great point on the news market not capturing this local revenue.  “The issue that no one … Continue reading

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Newspapers’ Next Move In Expanding The Reach Of Digital Ads | Fast Company

From a piece in Fast Company about our efforts to recreate a dominant Shopping business with the newspaper and media industry.  We are just getting started but with over 225 newspapers now live and hundreds more committed, when we relaunch … Continue reading

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The Newspaper Industry and Digital Ads

 Newspapers are probably never completely going away.   In fact, they are never going away.  Newspapers have traditionally supported themselves through advertising. Advertisers pay newspapers to publish their ads, which gives the papers the money they need to publish the paper, … Continue reading

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