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It’s called Fishing Not Catching

It is called fishing and not catching, and it is the dirty secret of Silicon Valley. Unless your startup hits a grand slam, or you are its founder, CEO or a key engineer, your post-exit payday isn’t more than a … Continue reading

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Getting MerchantCircle Started: It starts with an Idea

The last few days have been really exciting and extremely busy. There have been meetings and interviews and many thoughtful wishes for a bright future. But. As we always do at MerchantCircle, we’re back to work with a sense of … Continue reading

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Are the Billions Justified for Groupon?

Are the Billions Justified for Groupon? Are the Billions Justified for Groupon? originally published in VC Journal Groupon’s potential $15 billion valuation may seem astronomical, but its high price tag may be justified. Groupon is one of only a handful … Continue reading

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Great Advice from Steve Blank..

I will not be adding another non failure from Stanford GSB today.  All my very successful friends from GSB are now asking so I think I have a blog a day for about 60 days. Instead I wanted to call … Continue reading

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Revenue is a Drug

Revenue is a drug.. I have heard a number of times how venture capital is a drug, it is addictive to some entreprenuers, and of course never confuse raising venture money with success. Today I heard another good one.  Revenue … Continue reading

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