Missed Deals

Missed Deals..

So every once in a while you have to eat crow.  The summer before last at a dinner at Zibibbo around the corner from Zao Noodle Bar  hosted by Oliver Muoto I had my first real interaction with Sean Parker of Napster, Plaxo and Facebook fame.

During the first hour, he was pretty pissed and basically threatened to beat me up over some things that Spoke had done related to Plaxo. (Ok some of them we had done, most we had not, and all the bad stuff is Tolles’s fault)

Within 2 hours we had settled things  (after I joked that it is never a good idea to threaten a good ole boy from the South, we react in funny ways related to the second ammendment), he introduced me to Mark the founder of the Facebook.   He then asked me if I could get him $50K to buy some servers or even just the servers as a part of a round he was working.

Ok here is the mistake.  I believed in the idea, I believe that Sean knows how to make magic happen..but was busy with planning a start up and getting Spoke transition done.  I passed.  This has cost me alot of opportunity.    The ones you miss matter often times as the bad ones you do.  Opps.

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