Behind the Cloud, The Salesforce Story

Behind the Cloud, The Salesforce Story

I received the new book by Marc Benioff in the mail on Friday.
I had preordered it after seeing Marc post pieces of it on facebook.  Once again Marc establishes himself as a great marketer.  I bet all the early ordering of Behind the Cloud leads to a early top listing on Amazon.

Having partnered with Salesforce at Spoke and meeting him since then a few times and even have invested in a deal or two along side of him. I think one of those meetings was even for one of those interviews he talks about that were not interviews,  (No I did not get an offer and can not add this to my list of prepublic offers that I should have just taken); I can see alot of truth and integrity in what Marc shares in the book.  While some of it is show and he is just as intense as many ex-Oracle types or more importantly most successful founders, Marc is who he is, and he shares alot of that in the book.
Unlike the facebook and myspace books, these is written by the founder and is really a list of over a 100 things he believed helped make salesforce what it is today.  Don’t get me wrong, salesforce is alot of marketing genius (I shared a PR firm with them once and was constantly amazed at what they were able to pull off) but it is also a great platform that is truly cutting edge technology and more importantly a way of looking at the world that is a bit different.
This is one of the rare books that had me sitting down and writing ideas down that had been bouncing around for a while.   It also was the type that had me sharing ideas with my teams.
This is an afternoon read and well worth it.

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