MerchantCircle Acquired by Reply!

Yesterday’s news was a major milestone and we are so thankful to everyone who reached out.

Anyone who knows a MerchantCircle team member can attest to how totally dedicated this group of colleagues has been to our users, our products and to each other.  And while outside of the office we have you, our real families and friends, inside Suite 330, we’ve got another family with whom we share many of our waking hours.

As we celebrated with our MerchantCircle family, we recognized that many people played a role in allowing us to do what we do. From patient spouses, to understanding friends, we appreciate the slack we’ve been cut when we’ve had to “come late”, “reschedule”, or “take a rain check”.

We’re thankful for the steady stream of brilliant ideas and sounding boards that our talented Silicon Valley friends have provided. Our day-to-day decisions are certainly impacted by the advisers, mentors and great minds to which we’ve had access.
This new era for MerchantCircle will mean that we’re even more capable of connecting our merchant base with new local customers. Our commitment to empowering those local business owners who are rebuilding the Main Street economy remains just as strong. We’re looking forward to a very exciting future!

Over the next few weeks I look forward to sharing more good news and exciting developments, but mostly I’m proud to share our journey to this point. Keep an eye on my blog for a reflective look at how MerchantCircle started.

A little video reflected on Deal Processes

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