How to Optimize User Experience Across Multiple Devices

I co-authored an article, “How to Optimize User Experience Across Multiple Devices” with Steve Trefethen, CTO of Wanderful Media. Having both worked in technology for many years; we understand the importance of focusing on user experience. Today, people are using a variety of devices to access the web, so you can’t ignore the different screen sizes, interaction options and software capabilities.


The days of building solely for the desktop or laptop are over, we must spread our focus across multiple devices to meet user expectations. People often use different-sized devices sequentially throughout the day. They also tend to begin their online activities on a smartphone, except when shopping or managing their finances. Meanwhile, tablets are the most commonly used device for watching videos and planning trips.

Responsive DesignWeb developers have no choice but to adapt to the wide variety of devices being used. The solution to optimizing sites and apps across multiple devices lies in responsive web design. With responsive web design, you can create layouts and content that adjust based on a device. These sites automatically determine the system that is being used, and choose the proper formatting for the device and its screen size.

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