Giving Up and Setbacks

One of the companies I work with had a big set back today..or at least they think so. They had a venture firm they really liked say thier deal needed some work.  It is a great deal with a great team but still needs a little work.  They fell for one of the great VC tricks on how much do you think your company will be worth.


Sound crazy and greedy or have a number so low no one is interested.


My big concern is them wanting to give up.  You have to wonder how many companies on this picture would have never been built if people had given up.  The valley does not give up.  We get side jobs, we do some consulting, we borrow from family and friends, but we don’t give up.  They won’t either.  Because the other side of what this VC said was this is the best team I have seen in this space, hands down.

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