A’s Baseball

A’s Baseball

We are approaching baseball season.  As a 20 year season ticket holder for the A’s this is always an exciting time.  (yes I know that the bowls just got over and the SuperBowl still has to happen, but will no hope for the Raiders, football season is over for me).

The thing most people know about the A’s is they are almost always a contender yet they spend so much less money than the rest of the teams.  Now I am not sure that this makes them a well run team, just a well run cheap team.  There are times when you have to decide to play to win, and not to play to do the best you can while spending the least.

I do think there are alot of lessons in how the team is run for startups, but I have seen it taken to far.  In the end, createing a start up is about passion, vision and leadership.  The numbers will help you focus it better, run it better, but if they ever get in the way of vision, passion, and leadership..you will lose.

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