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Economic Principles Return circa 2001

Economic Principles Return circa 2001 Originally printed in one of the boom time internet magazines, one of my co workers from the period saw one of my recent articles and dug this one up and send to me.  I wonder … Continue reading

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It’s called Fishing Not Catching

It is called fishing and not catching, and it is the dirty secret of Silicon Valley. Unless your startup hits a grand slam, or you are its founder, CEO or a key engineer, your post-exit payday isn’t more than a … Continue reading

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Getting MerchantCircle Started: It starts with an Idea

The last few days have been really exciting and extremely busy. There have been meetings and interviews and many thoughtful wishes for a bright future. But. As we always do at MerchantCircle, we’re back to work with a sense of … Continue reading

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MerchantCircle Acquired by Reply!

Yesterday’s news was a major milestone and we are so thankful to everyone who reached out. Anyone who knows a MerchantCircle team member can attest to how totally dedicated this group of colleagues has been to our users, our products … Continue reading

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Are the Billions Justified for Groupon?

Are the Billions Justified for Groupon? Are the Billions Justified for Groupon? originally published in VC Journal Groupon’s potential $15 billion valuation may seem astronomical, but its high price tag may be justified. Groupon is one of only a handful … Continue reading

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Tapulous and Disney

I was fortunate enough to do two great deal with incredible entreprenuers over the last couple of years. Tapulous was the first of these and was just sold to Disney in a great transaction for everyone involved.   In one of … Continue reading

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Great Advice from Steve Blank..

I will not be adding another non failure from Stanford GSB today.  All my very successful friends from GSB are now asking so I think I have a blog a day for about 60 days. Instead I wanted to call … Continue reading

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Behind the Cloud, The Salesforce Story

Behind the Cloud, The Salesforce Story I received the new book by Marc Benioff in the mail on Friday. I had preordered it after seeing Marc post pieces of it on facebook.  Once again Marc establishes himself as a great … Continue reading

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Facebook and the Accidental Billionares

Okay so avoiding my ongoing reading of the 10 Books about the Great Depression is getting out of hand, now I am reading more books to avoid it than the ten I am supposed to read. I just finished The … Continue reading

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Revenue is a Drug

Revenue is a drug.. I have heard a number of times how venture capital is a drug, it is addictive to some entreprenuers, and of course never confuse raising venture money with success. Today I heard another good one.  Revenue … Continue reading

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